Sunday, 25 November 2012

Why do people not like the pink wafers??? pink wafers are the BEST

BUT maybe not this one! woah I dunked it in my tea, sorry Ant McPartlin Pink Wwwwwaffer!

[If I was a pink wafer though, I'd look way happier than THIS GUY]

SOME PEOPLE must really like LE PINK WAFFERR!! check these out

pink wafer pillows! perfect for my.....

pink wafer BED!!!

and in the morning I'd bet I'd feel LIKE 
THIS AWESOME GUY!!! he LOVES pink wafers, can't you TELL?!

I want an alpaca

Apparently lambs and Llamas are so last year, little bo peep has an ALPACA now and I WANT one toooooo!!!!

Or any of these guys will do!!!

In Peru they have real ones!! but maybe illegal in the UK : (

BUT real ones aren't in rainbow colours. you know what to do santa!!!